Aircon Chemical Overhaul

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Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Installing an aircon is the finest way to keep the air clean and fresh in our homes. A fine aircon unit makes sure that air circulates fine in the room and therefore gives comfort to the individuals inside. Appropriate maintenance and cleaning of an aircon unit make sure that it will last long. One way of maintaining the aircon is known as the chemical overhaul. It is a procedure of comprehensively cleaning and repairing an aircon. The procedure aims to clean the aircon components and machines that have remained for a long time without getting cleaned.

It is likewise mostly recommended for aircon that has been used nonstop without maintenance. Chemical overhaul, consequently, aids in repairing and improving the functioning of the aircon unit. This procedure is likewise important in reestablishing the machines’ functionality when the usual cleaning procedures fail.


Aircon Chemical Overhaul

It is used as a technique for AC servicing. If you observe your aircon not giving cool air or producing a strange sound or there is water leakage or not functioning totally, you might have to do a chemical overhaul. In this procedure, every component of the aircon is pulled apart and then washed, repaired, or changed. At Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore, our specialists can guide you if your aircon requires a whole overhaul or only chemical cleaning would be sufficient. If you are having any problems with the functioning of your aircon, you must contact a skilled technician instantaneously. Postponement in conducting the essential servicing can worsen the issue more.

Generally, chemical overhaul assists handle the following problems.

  • Jam of the openings because of the gathering of dirt particles or deadly filth
  • Jam of drain tubes beginning water to run-off
  • Fan airs not working appropriately
  • Defective or broken air filters

After disassembling the parts, those are checked comprehensively. According to the situation of the components, few of them might have to be fixed, whereas others might need complete replacement. As soon as your aircon gets the service, it will start working fine just like a new aircon.


The Pros of Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Following are some of the most significant points that will support you decide whether you have to call for a chemical overhaul or not.

  • Fresh and Clean Air

The chief purpose of aircon chemical overhaul is to remove any germs, fungus, or decay that has been gathered inside your aircon. When clean, your aircon will give fresh and clean air without damaging and unwelcome bacteria.

  • Lesser Electricity Bills

With fine performance comes greater efficiency. This will certainly be cost-saving when it comes to paying the electricity bills. The consistent chemical overhaul will make sure that your aircon is clean and works appropriately all the time.

  • Longer Aircon Lifespan

Cleaner components mean a minor probability of breakdowns. This, consecutively, will increase the lifecycle of the aircon. Furthermore, the chemical overhaul procedure comprises a detailed inspection of all components. Consistent chemical overhauls will make sure that your aircon works problem-free and lengthier.

  • Faster and Improved Cooling

The longstanding consequence of regular aircon chemical overhaul is an appropriately working aircon system. Typically, old and unmaintained fight to get the desired temperature because of filth and dirt blocking as well as defective components. With consistent maintenance, this is effortlessly stopped and you can enjoy faster and improved cooling.


Re-enjoy the feeling of having a freshly bought aircon with our chemical overhaul!

What makes Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore Chemical Overhaul changed from others is that we do not merely pull apart all parts for chemical washing, however, we will make a special effort and use a Pressure Jet Washer to wash the chemicals and carefully clean up your aircon. This not merely finishes the cleaning, on the other hand correspondingly keeps your aircon going for a long time, and stops blocking in the short term.

You Can Do It by Yourself?

Some people try to perform a DIY chemical overhaul unaware that it can cause additional destruction to the aircon unit. Pin your ears back that this service involves using the correct type of chemicals and using them in the appropriate quantities. Furthermore, you might turn out placing your aircon components in the incorrect positions during the reassembly course. To avoid these problems, you must have an expert do an aircon chemical overhaul for you as they have the correct tools and experience required to do the job seamlessly.

How Frequently Should An Aircon Chemical Overhaul Be Done?

The necessity for this service relies on the age of the aircon you have fixed in your home, how often it is used, as well as its current situation. If your aircon is comparatively new and hardly ever experiences problems, then you can go for an aircon chemical overhaul only one time every two years. On the other hand, if your aircon has been in use for fairly a while, then it can be the best option to conduct the service at a minimum of one time a year.

Why does Aircon Chemical Overhaul Cost in Singapore higher than other aircon services?

An aircon chemical overhaul charges above regular aircon servicing as it includes in-depth cleaning that needs entirely separation and disassembling of the aircon units and additional numerous steps. This improves your Aircon’s performance.

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