Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon Chemical Wash

As everyone knows that Singapore’s climate is so hot and humid, having aircon installed in houses and workplaces is common. As the air is moist, using fans only usually does not serve as fans simply circulate moist air which does not give you the cool as well as revitalizing ease that you wanted. Also, it is not likely to merely install fans in workplaces particularly if workplaces are windowless or high-rise places of work where windows must be shut whole.

Without the cool air from the aircon, the workforce will not be able to perform their work well; at home, it is nearly impossible to sleep well, chiefly during the warmest months like February and August. As having aircon is of supreme significance for your ease and well-being in this tropical state, you must understand how to maintain the aircon also, thus your everyday activities and private lives are not interrupted.



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Why do you need to service the aircon? 


Just as much as you want your vehicle to be well-organized, steadfast, and road-worthy, you would likewise wish your aircon to be in the best form that will give you fresh and cool air in an effective way as and when you wish and need. If the aircon is not serviced, it will become dirty and will not work fine.

Thus instead of getting fresh and cool air, you would be breathing in dirty air, which is not good for your health, particularly harmful to those prone to sinus, asthma, or eczema. Regular servicing, however it aids to remove the filth from your AC, might not be that operative in removing the dirt added and fixed in your internal parts of your aircon.

Moreover, having inappropriate cleaning methods might cause severe destruction to inner parts. So that is why you require an aircon chemical wash. And Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore is here to assist you.

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Aircon Chemical Wash Procedure


The procedure of Aircon chemical wash involves the cleaning and examination of inner parts. Initially, we take away the aircon cover and disassemble the system. We then continue to wash the Aircon strainer with water and chemical solutions. After that, we use the high-pressure jet to wash inside the evaporator coil, drainage plate, front sheet, and cover. We then use Chemical-based solutions to take away filth, oil, and dirt from the parts of the fan coil.

The chemical solutions similarly have ingredients that destroy and constrain additional growth of molds and destructive bacteria. We will similarly clean the drainage pan and drainage system through vacuuming. Furthermore, we check on numerous functions. We also tighten up electrical contacts if essential. As soon as we are done cleaning all the parts, we fix back the whole system.

Is chemical wash for aircon essential?

Aircon chemical wash is an important service. Consistent cleaning might remove some filth and dust elements. But still, there is much additional poisonous filth that has been gathered in the aircon over time.

Poisonous filth is difficult to get rid of and might destroy and cause severe destruction to the inner parts of your aircon, affecting the performance and efficiency of your aircon. Therefore, it is good to give your aircon a chemical cleaning as a minimum of one time every six months.

Fancoil Chemical Overhaul in Novena

Why should you choose chemical washing?

Why should you choose chemical washing?

The most noticeable benefit of a chemical wash is that your aircon components are carefully cleaned. Therefore, your aircon will give you quality air. This keeps the air fresh in the house and supports your family escapes respiratory or health issues arising from bad air quality in your house areas.

Reduced occurrence of breakdowns

Recurrent maintenance and chemical washing keep your aircon unit free from probable breakdowns caused by broken parts or gathered filth in your aircon. Compression that causes water leakage from your aircon will likewise decrease after a chemical wash. This keeps your aircon in fine form and saves a lot of your money from damage repairs. Therefore, Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore is available all the time to save you from such issues and fix them.


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Safety Guidelines from Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore Experts

Defensive Containers

At Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore, all chemicals used in our chemical wash service are kept in defensive containers that stop the solvent from leakage. It is to ensure that it will not spread in the house and might cause destruction to additional parts.

Safety Checks

The chemical wash procedure will include safety checks before going on to the application of the chemical. Our specialists will be using the required tools as well as wearing the essential gear to complete the procedure carefully.


Safety Guidance for Chemical Washing

Individuals inside the home or workplace area will be guided to keep the distance from the place where the chemical wash is being done to escape any unpleasant occurrences.


Why select Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore as your next aircon chemical wash service provider?


Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore is an aircon servicing firm that proposes to give services and solutions to any aircon issues. One of the numerous services we give is chemical cleaning. We promise you that our qualified specialists will have any aircon, whether it is a timeworn unit or badly in need of an in-depth clean, back to its ideal working form.

When you appoint our services in Singapore, our specialists will pull apart, treat, clean, review, and assess the parts of your aircon, as well as guide you on the finest way to maintain your aircon. We provide high-quality services at reasonable prices compared to other aircon service companies in Singapore.

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