Aircon Installation in Jurong Aircon units need to be installed by a skilled installation team. Moveable aircon is the only sort of equipment the user might install individually. Though, the guidelines given in the guidelines manual need to be followed at the time of installation. The installation of additional sorts of aircon needs the use of dedicated equipment and similarly professional tools. The cooling networks between the aircon are consist of copper tubes, which are secured by thermal lining with precise thickness. It must be recalled that water abridges inside the internal unit at the time of cooling, plus it needs to be drained into the sewage system. The finest technique of removal is by gravitation, specifically, the tubes for draining condensate need to be inclined. Occasionally, this is precisely impossible, though, which requires using an extra condensate-removal pump. The outside unit of an aircon is typically placed on the terrace or the façade, or on the rooftop of a building. At the time of installation, be sure to give service access and uphold the suitable distances from the barriers and fences stated in the installation guidelines.


Keep in mind to perform periodic technical examinations of the installed aircon if possible two times a year. Furthermore, a lot of units must be registered on a distinctive database, in which required checkups are correspondingly noted down, depending on the quantity of refrigerant. Info on the tool mandatory for registering on this record must be given by competent specialists installing aircon units.