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Because of the hot and humid climate of Singapore, aircon is present in every single home or workplace though, if you are thinking of getting an aircon installation, it is significant to pay attention to significant facts about getting aircon installation. Our top-quality expert specialists will help you to choose top-quality aircon installation preferences coherent with your budget, fondness, and appropriateness for your housing or commercial purposes.

Our services are the greatest reasonable and top-evaluated for Aircon installation in Singapore with an expert team that has gathered numerous years of experience. Having the accurate firm install your aircon for you makes sure a good aircon installation experience. Escape the distress from a defective pipe installation or corrupt lining work. A well-installed aircon works fine and cools your area quicker plus saves your repair & replacement costs and increases the life expectancy of your aircon.

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Aircon units need to be installed by a skilled installation team. Moveable aircon is the only sort of equipment the user might install individually. However, the guidelines given in the guidelines manual need to be followed at the time of installation. The installation of additional sorts of aircon needs the use of dedicated equipment and similarly professional tools. The cooling networks between the aircon consist of copper tubes, which are secured by thermal lining with precise thickness. It must be recalled that water abridges inside the internal unit at the time of cooling, plus it needs to be drained into the sewage system.

The finest technique of removal is by gravitation, specifically, the tubes for draining condensate need to be inclined. Occasionally, this is precisely impossible, though, which requires using an extra condensate-removal pump. The outside unit of an aircon is typically placed on the terrace or the façade, or on the rooftop of a building. At the time of installation, be sure to give service access and uphold the suitable distances from the barriers and fences stated in the installation guidelines.

Keep in mind to perform periodic technical examinations of the installed aircon if possible two times a year. Furthermore, a lot of units must be registered on a distinctive database, in which required checkups are correspondingly noted down, depending on the quantity of refrigerant. Info on the tool mandatory for registering on this record must be given by competent specialists installing aircon units.


It can be complicated when it comes to choosing the correct specialists for your aircon installation. We recommend clients do their studies before getting involved in any aircon installation projects. Here are some significant aspects to keep in mind when you decide to hire a contractor for aircon installation:

Categories of Aircon

Selecting the most appropriate aircon for your particular needs is similarly a significant aspect to consider before starting any aircon installation.

With the assistance of an expert and suggested aircon installer, below are the categories of aircon that you can use for your home or workplace.

What does Aircon Servicing Include?

Room Aircon

As an inexpensive option, room aircon typically just has a life expectancy of 10-15 years. Though, it is similarly considered the greatest widespread cooling system being the most reasonable choice. Only be sure to get it appropriately installed by a suggested aircon installer to escape any air leaks from the edges.

Evaporative Cooler

These have a life expectancy of 15-20 years and remain the right option for people living in dry regions. This category of aircon adds dampness to the air, not like regular aircon units. With this extra feature, an evaporator cooler typically needs extra recurrent maintenance.


Central Aircon

Central aircon units can be typically found in commercial zones in Singapore and their life expectancy is 15-20 years. Though aircon installation for this category may be more expensive because of the chopping of walls, it will certainly give a cost-effective cooling system.

Mini-Split Aircon

Mini-Split Aircon is the greatest widespread category of wall Aircon found in Singapore houses. They have a life expectancy of nearly 15-20 years and frequently generate less sound than window aircon. Mini-Split Aircon can give both cooling and heating, which is appropriate for areas with a volatile climate.


Size and Place

As everyone knows that the larger rooms need more power to cool the room. Sizes of the aircon and kinds of aircon used in a specific size and place will affect the functioning costs.

The cooling capacity of Aircon is determined by a standard British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating. The amount of BTUs required for a specific room is calculated by multiplying the square foot of the room by 35. Warmer zones for example a kitchen or a lounge that straight faces the sun correspondingly need added BTUs to be cooled well.

How often should Aircon be serviced?
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Power Usage

Aircon are famous for their enormous power consumption. Selecting the correct aircon that is suitable for the size of your area can give noteworthy energy savings.

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Now that you have gone through some aspects to consider, it is time to search for a highly suggested aircon installer. Though pricing may be a major point of concern, make sure to work with a reliable and expert aircon servicing firm in Singapore to escape any forthcoming aircon issue.


We are the suggested aircon installer in Singapore that gives a comprehensive variety of aircon services. Our specialists are completely fortified to install the aircon of all types. We strive to give supreme customer service as well as top-quality aircon services, Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore remains the extremely suggested aircon installer in Singapore.

We have the most experienced aircon specialists with the mandatory industry certificates to ensure the best aircon installation. We always make sure that our aircon experts are prepared with the essential equipment to perform correct aircon installation.

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