Aircon Is Noisy

Aircon Is Noisy

Having a noisy aircon is a common issue that disturbs numerous aircon holders. The reason might be due to an odd inner problem or it may be as far-reaching as numerous defective components in the aircon. Nonetheless, whatever the reason is, individuals familiar with the issue can all narrate to the showy, rough, and ticking sound of a noisy aircon. Today’s aircon is noiseless than ever. And we wish to ensure your aircon stays noiseless. Therefore when you hear unexperienced or extremely loud noises from your aircon, take notice and get help from Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore. Overlooking the furtive noises from your aircon can turn slight problems into big expenditures, as these noises might signal anything from requiring a simple tune-up to expensive repairs, to — most awful situation — replacement of the whole aircon. The earlier you can conclude the reason for the noise and fix your aircon problems, the better.

The sound from an aircon unit can have tons of reasons depending on the kind of aircon. These noises should not be overlooked. The kind of noise might be used to identify the nature of the issue. Overlooking it lets the issue aggravate to the stage where it cannot be repaired, or where repairing it will be very costly. In a lot of circumstances, an aircon unit is beyond reparation by the time it begins producing sounds; though, most of the time the aircon will require merely slight work done to start working well again.


Parts of a noisy aircon

In Singapore, a lot of the aircon we buy are split-type aircon units. Where the external aircon unit remains outside the home whereas the internal unit cools the area itself. Nonetheless, both kinds of aircon will consist of a fan or a panel. Whereas the outside unit likewise consists of a compressor. Due to the persistent movement of the fan and compressor, it will make a definite level of sound in the aircon even when it is not broken. This is why companies every so often take in soundproof material in the aircon to minimalize the level of sound formed. There are clasps and paling that are made to keep the aircon unit safe and free of any vibrations that might add to additional noises.


Forms of noises your aircon is making and what they mean

  • Clanking sound

Clanking possibly meant that there is a wobbly component that needs replacement. This noise can similarly mean that the inside blower or outside fan and its razorblades are not at the correct location and hitting additional parts. These kinds of problems should not be overlooked as they will simply get worse and make bigger issues.

  • Buzzing sound

A buzzing sound from your external unit might mean numerous things:

  • Wobbly components that are hitting additional components
  • Wreckages in either the inside or outside unit that is being puffed around
  • Outside fan motor is wobbly
  • The condenser loop has to be sustained
  • New air filters are needed because of the gathering of wreckages, elements, and filth
  • The blower is deteriorating


  • Clicking sound

A continuous clicking sound even when the aircon is working might be because of a faulty control of a deteriorating thermostat. It is likewise significant for you to pay consideration to any electrical threats in the aircon before greater issues arise.

  • Banging sound

The banging sound is probably because of any unfastened components that are hitting the additional components of the aircon such as a connecting pole. It might also be because of an unstable inside the blower. A banging sound might also specify that your aircon needs compressor replacement.

  • Humming sound

A humming sound is not that much of an issue however it might mean that wobbly components and refrigerant tubing are triggering a vibration. It is correspondingly significant to pay consideration to any electrical threats in the aircon. If the compressor whirrs and declines to start, there might be a problem with the motor, however, unfastened electric wiring might cause this noise, also.

  • Squealing sound

Blower and fan sound such as whines, squeals, and clatters might be spread through the pipe system. Outside fan motors and inside blower motors yell noisily when they are deteriorating.


When to Change a Noisy aircon?

If your aircon is getting older, the finest way out might be to just change it. Extreme noise from an older aircon is typically a signal of its age and might specify severe issues like refrigerant leakages or a damaged compressor. A compressor replacement, moreover, is expensive enough as compared to replacing the whole aircon.

A new aircon will be much noiseless, and more effective, also. You might save sufficient electricity bills that your aircon might pay for itself in a few years. If your older aircon has worn out and your aircon service expert suggests replacing it, your Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore might balance some or all of the prices of installing a new, more effective, and more consistent, and noiseless aircon.


How to Fix a Noisy aircon?

  • Check the fan for any destruction or trapped wreckages– To support you make any rapid repairs on a noisy aircon, just release the bolts and rods in the aircon. See any trapped wreckages such as twigs, dirt, pebbles, and additional elements and take away them.
  • See the blades for any signals of wobbly placement– Turn off the aircon and take away the Aircon’s covering. See if any of the fan sharp edges are uneasily placed. If yes then it is good to call an aircon specialist to fix the issue for you.
  • Get in touch with an aircon servicing professional –In a lot of circumstances, it is at all times best and harmless to let a skilled aircon expert or a professional aircon servicing firm do the fixes for you.


Worried About aircon Noises?

For any of the problems mentioned above or others, like your aircon making a vivacious sound, it is good to call an expert to fix the issue. Our team of expert specialists at Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore can fix your aircon immediately—just give us a call at Office: 6428 6288 or you can chat with our staff via WhatsApp: +65 9094 9039 or send us an email at!