Why does my air conditioner leak water and how do I fix it?

The aircon is an important home appliance in a hot state like Singapore. You need aircon all the time to keep the home well-aired and comfy for everyday activities.

However, your aircon is probable to create problems over time because of causes such as lack of appropriate maintenance, continuous usage, and fluctuating climate — all bring about the breakdown of the aircon. Of all these issues upset an aircon.

The utmost common issue is leaking water. If an aircon is leaking, it falls in additional tension as the aircon fail to work appropriately and therefore fails to provide you the appropriate cooling that you want to bear the heat.

What does it mean when your Aircon leaks water?
Is AC leaking water dangerous?

Is Aircon Water Leakage An Emergency Repair?

A lot of individuals do not consider aircon water leakage an emergency, therefore they would overlook their leaking aircon till it is excessively irritating and are forced to call an aircon servicing firm to help fix it. Whereas one can surely still have their aircon work fine even while there is water leakage, it is surely not recommended to delay the leakage situation. When the AC begins leaking water, it means it is working fine to cool the room, as well as it not merely contributes to a greater electricity bill, however, will also lead to an extra luxurious aircon repair bill.

So it would be better to get help from the aircon servicing company. At Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore, we have a specialized team of experts who are all the time available to assist you with such problems. So you must call our aircon specialist to come to see what is causing your aircon water leakage.

Usual reasons for aircon water leakage

There are numerous reasons that cause the water leakage of an aircon. Some of them are as follow:

Filthy Aircon Strainer

If the air strainer is blocked or filthy, the air current to the evaporator gets congested, consequently causing a drop in temperature. If the loop becomes excessively cold, it freezes. When the aircon is turned off, the inside unit will stop extracting air from the inside, which then causes heating and fallouts in the melting of gathered ice. If this melting ice blocks up the size of the leak tray, it causes the leakage of water.

Clogged aircon strainer

It is an additional reason for an aircon water leakage. When the air strainer becomes clogged, it constrains the movement of air through the aircon. This will freeze the air, and when you turn off the system or when the anticipated air temperature is gotten, ice made on the strainer begins melting and the aircon begins leaking.


Damaged pump

The compression pump is a device positioned under the cooling loop. The purpose of the pump is to gutter out water completely therefore leakage is stopped. When the pump is damaged or is out of order because of the increase of grime and filth, it fallouts in water leakage — a vibrant sign that the pump is not functioning well.

Bad maintenance

Your aircon correspondingly needs appropriate and well-timed maintenance just like other appliances in your home. Make sure you clean the aircon as numerous times as you can. Look for expert assistance if required. You might also see if the evaporator loop is working well and make sure it is not in the initial phases of corroding. If not done repeatedly, the issues of an aircon water leakage might come to outbreak you more frequently.


Air Leakage

Air leakage is the greatest common cause that might lead to aircon water leakage. For the best function, the air reaching the aircon must cross the opening. Defective vents might cause leakage of air. The air does not cross the opening as it ought to. If this does not come about, perhaps the air is leaking which causes bad functionality.

To check whether you are having an air leakage, you must do elementary troubleshooting by inspecting the equipment to check if there is leakage of air over the grills around the opening. If there is air leakage, you will be required to take steps to fix the problem and avoid extra leakages from happening in the forthcoming.

How to fix a water leakage issue of an aircon?

To fix the problem of the aircon that is leaking water, it is significant to take steps such as cleaning and brushing the strainer, the inner, and the outer loops. Here are some precise tips and steps to follow:


Cleaning and brushing of strainer


Cleaning of inner and outer loops




Clean the Evaporator




Clean the Fan


Clean the Condenser loops



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Specialized Aircon Servicing & Repair

The techniques discussed above frequently need a great extent of care and proficiency. Therefore, the subsequent and concluding step is to appoint a skilled aircon servicing professional to repair and fix the issue that is giving you the discomfort of an aircon water leakage. To get the appropriate maintenance for your aircon unit and stop probable leaks, make sure to pick the foremost and trustworthy service provider. At Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore, we offer an extensive variety of services and reasonable packages. The quality and costs of the services differ generally.

Taking Care of Your Aircon and Home

As soon as you start to observe that your aircon is leaking, the finest thing to do is to begin taking defensive measures like consistent checking, upkeep, and replacing defective components. It can benefit in extending your Aircon’s life expectancy as it will not merely benefit and save you from the discomfort of water leakage and unnecessary expenses.

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