Life is known to throw many challenges at you but it gets a little tricky when these challenges are electronically. Don’t worry, it is still going to be resolved! Read along to know what might have gone wrong with your air conditioner and possible ways to fix it.

Air conditioners have quite a complex yet simple cycle which it works on. The simple process of absorbing heat and blowing out cold air gives us comfort on any sunny day. How does it work though? Here’s the answer! Parts like refrigerant, evaporator coil, condenser coil, compressor, fans in indoor and outdoor units, etc come together to make the whole process happen. Every single part is very crucial and if they stop or malfunction then the cooling system takes a hit.

Let’s see what roles all these components play in the cooling of the room. The refrigerant’s job is to absorb the heat in the room and then convert its state from gaseous to liquid. The liquid is passed through the copper tubes and coils. The compressor’s job is to depressurize the refrigerant to raise its temperature accordingly. It is then disposed of outside through the outdoor unit in its original gaseous state. Condenser coils help in this transfer of heat. The refrigerant returns to its original place through the evaporator coils with an extremely low temperature. Then the fan inside the indoor unit blows air on the coils and hence cold air is released from the air conditioner.


What went wrong?

When your air conditioner stops giving the cool effect it gave once but it’s still working then you’ve got a quest of guessing what has gone wrong with the system. The most common reason is dirty filters. Unclean filters are clogged up with dirt, dust, debris, etc which blocks all the air flow. Regular maintenance and servicing is needed for the air filters and front cover to stay dust and dirt free. Next possible reason could be incorrect thermostat calibration. The settings of the temperature might have gotten messed up and the fan does not work until the temperature is suitable to it’s requirements.

Manufacturing faults often occur in the making of refrigerants. This causes the refrigerant level to become very low. Even a leaking refrigerant situation is possible. In all these scenarios the low refrigerant is at fault. Without proper refrigerant level the air conditioner can no way get cooler since the heat won’t be absorbed at the required speed or cycle. Condenser assists the heat in the room with being delivered outside. Assuming the condenser gets impervious because of dirt and debris, the exchange and arrival of heat is inconceivable and this will influence the cooling cycle. The outdoor unit of the air conditioner should be checked at such times and determine whether the grimy condenser is an issue.

There are 2 fans utilized in an air conditioner system. One is set inside the indoor unit and the other is set in the outdoor air unit. The engine of the fan can be to blame for not working. Breaking down fans can influence the release of heat and furthermore doesn’t release chilly air in the room. The refrigerant necessitates depressurizing to get it’s temperature raised and this is the work of a compressor. It additionally controls the progression of refrigerant between the condenser and evaporator loops. This can be the problem your aircon won’t cool your room anymore.


What can you do to fix it?

All the reasons for what might have gone wrong are mentioned above. Some home solutions are possible while others are not. It all depends upon the problem that occurred in your air conditioner. Get the air conditioner serviced to unclog the dirty air filters. The servicing will also help you find if there are any other faults lurking in the parts of your air conditioner. To recalibrate the thermostat of your air conditioner, you can simply set your remote to auto settings. This makes the air conditioner set and adjust it’s own thermostat according to its requirements.

If the refrigerant is faulty or leaking then it is advisable to call professional technicians to replace it since it is dangerous to do it yourself. There is also a chance of your air conditioner malfunctioning because of improper installation. Dirty condenser coils should be cleaned or replaced if they’re completely wrecked. If the fans don’t seem to work then the motor of the fan must be faulty. Motors are easy to fix or can be replaced by calling the right technicians.

Keep your air conditioner maintained and serviced regularly to avoid the escalation of any minor problems. Do not engage in any repairing process which might be prone to danger. Calling professionals is the best way to deal with a big problem!