Servicing an air conditioner is a vital part of owning an air conditioner. But many times you might feel reluctant about the service because of the middlemen who are delivering it. However, you don’t have to feel that way since we bring you the correct information about the true rates and services of air conditioner in Singapore.

Why is air conditioner servicing important?

Air conditioner is an electronic appliance used mostly around summer to cool our rooms to escape the extreme temperatures. Any electronic appliance is an assembly of parts brought together to make it function. Some have simpler and less parts while on the other hand some may have complex structure and quite a number of parts. Air conditioner comes under the second side of this since it’s functions are not simple and easy. So when you have an appliance with many components in it, some part is bound to fail or stop working due to some issues but why wait until it’s serious?

You can avoid any major problems with any air conditioner by regularly servicing it. Air conditioners have several filters which can be clogged with dust, debris, pollen,etc overtime. When they are serviced all their filters are cleaned for the optimal and enjoyable air conditioner performance. Along with that they are thoroughly checked up to find any faults in other parts of the air conditioner. Servicing significantly improves the durability, performance and efficiency of air conditioners.


Costs of air conditioner serving in Singapore

Air conditioner servicing comprises of various types. A service request could be a part of a regular check or it could be because of a specific problem which occurred in the air conditioner. All kinds of servicing requests are accepted in companies but the prices are not the same. One-time services cost less but the charges can increase if any fault or a problem has been encountered and solved. Regular contract servicing is much more beneficial according to experts since proper care of your air conditioner can be assured by doing so. The prices of regular contracts also vary depending upon what kind of servicing you choose or include. Basic servicing includes cleaning of filters, covers, front panel; quick check of the parts, etc.

Costs of servicing also depend on the type of air conditioner you have. There can be more than one condenser as well as fan coil and the price varies according to that information. Let’s check out the price range of air conditioner services considering all these aspects:


Aircon General Service

  • 1 fcu – $40
  • 2 fcu – $55
  • 3 fcu – $70
  • 4 fcu – $85
  • 5 fcu – $100
  • 6 fcu – $19/fcu

Aircon Chemical Wash

  • 1 fcu – $85
  • 2 fcu – $160
  • 3 fcu – $230
  • 4 fcu – $290
  • 5 fcu – $350
  • 6 fcu – $65/fcu


Getting your air conditioner serviced is an important part of owning an air conditioner. Don’t hesitate because of the prices and contact professionals right away for a durable, high performing and efficient air conditioner.