When we buy an appliance, we take full responsibility to make sure it’s in the best state possible. That means we find out new things about that appliance everyday and take care of it in the correct ways. Today is the air conditioner’s turn and it obviously means a lot to us. Let’s see what exactly an air conditioner gas top up means!

An air conditioner consists of many parts and one of the major parts is a refrigerant. A refrigerant is a vital component of the air conditioner since it has the job of absorbing the heat and turning it into liquid to dispose of it outside. The refrigerant is injected into the air conditioner’s evaporator coil. The gas in the evaporator coil’s job is to transport the heat absorbed by the air conditioner to the condenser coil. On the air conditioner’s outdoor unit, a condenser coil is installed. Its purpose is to remove the heat received by the air conditioner.

The refrigerant can perform its second job of releasing cool and fresh air into the room once the condenser has discarded the heat into the atmosphere. The main system of the air conditioner is this procedure. If even one of the components of this process fails, the air conditioner has no chance of working. Regular servicing and inspections are required to determine the status and condition of your air conditioner.

A low refrigerant level directly translates to an air conditioner that isn’t working. Because of leaks in the device, the refrigerant may have low quantities of gas. Professionals can repair a few leaks, but if you have several leaks, you might need to consider replacing your air conditioner. Low refrigerant levels might also be caused by a manufacturing flaw. These flawed refrigerants have low levels because they aren’t charged properly and thus are basically useless. And this can severely affect the air conditioner to the point it stops working.


Cost of air conditioner gas top up in Singapore

There are many companies who offer air conditioner gas top up. The company you book an appointment with should be reliable and trustworthy. Your air conditioner is a necessity more than a luxury at this time and period. The approximate rates of 2 different types of air conditioner gas top ups are as follows:-

R22 Aircon Gas Top Up- $40 – $120

R410 Aircon Gas Top Up- $80 – $150


The rates can change from time to time but the estimate stays the same.

Thanks to technological advancements, air conditioners have gone a long way. However, making it invincible may take a long time! Even though we are fully aware that this is not conceivable, we continue to strive for it. A gas top-up for our air conditioner is one of the things that keeps us on track toward this aim. Regular maintenance is critical, but so is recognizing when your air conditioner’s gas tank needs to be refilled!