An air conditioner’s health is often neglected because it seems like their job is quite easy and simple. But they actually need regular servicing for us to make use of their life cycle to the fullest. That’s why several different types of services are created to repair and avoid any problems that may occur in it. Read along to find out more about this!


What is chemical cleaning for air conditioners?

When you’ve been using your air conditioner for a long time you can easily notice if there’s any issue with it like it’s taking too long to cool the room, there’s a stench coming from it, increased noise when you’re using it, etc. At times like this don’t just dismiss these issues and get professionals before the problem escalates. These are the signs of your air conditioner needing a deep clean. A chemical clean is a common solution used by all experts to resolve issues like these in air conditioners.

In a chemical clean, the technician detaches the air conditioner unit from the wall. After taking the unit down, the next step is to disassemble all the parts one by one. The disassembled parts like air filters or evaporator coils are then cleaned thoroughly with chemical based cleaners. Leaking problems of the air conditioner are also resolved by using chemical cleaners in the drainage sections.


Benefits of chemical cleaning

When a technician explains a chemical cleaning process it might seem quite a complicated task and you may even question if it’s beneficial for your air conditioner. But we assure you that’s not the case. Here are some benefits that you get once you get a chemical cleaning:

  • Energy Efficient: When there’s a lot of dirt and dust accumulated in the parts of an air conditioner, it has to work twice as difficult even for basic performance. Why? Because the air that needs to be cycled throughout the unit has a hard time getting processed. The electricity bill due to this can leave quite a dent in your wallet. So once your air conditioner is chemically treated, its performance levels drastically improve.
  • Better air quality: The dirt that flows through the air because of the accumulation inside of the unit can be quite harmful for you and your family. The bad quality of air can cause health issues. When the cleaning is done it gets rid of all dirt and bad components thus eliminating the threats of health issues.
  • Increased durability: During a chemical clean not only the parts are washed but they’re also examined thoroughly. The technician can let you know if there is any problem with any parts of the air conditioner before it gets worse. This way you can make use of your air conditioner for a long period of time.
  • Avoid freezing parts: Different components of the air conditioner are prone to freeze because of the refrigerant mishaps. The coils and pipes are cleared during a chemical cleaning which significantly reduces the chances of freezing sections.
  • Gets rid of bad odour: The air feels very fresh after a chemical cleaning since the fluids which were the cause of the foul smell are gone. The bad odour can carry not only an unpleasant smell but also concealed diseases and it’s very important to get rid of it.


Costs of chemical cleaning

There are two types of chemical cleaning available and the price determines which one you choose. The two types are dismantled chemical overhaul and non dismantled. The non dismantled type of cleaning costs approximately $80 for a single unit. The price of a dismantled chemical overhaul is roughly around $145 for a single unit. Calling a team of expert professionals is very important for a chemical cleaning since you’re trusting the whole process of disassembling to cleaning and assembling your air conditioner to them!