In every office, household, and even hospital, an air conditioner is a necessary piece of equipment. Singapore is a tropical country, which means that temperatures can soar to dangerously high levels, making air conditioning a necessity. Because an air conditioner loses five per cent of its efficiency every year, air conditioning maintenance is just as essential as maintenance for any other item that one uses daily. Chemocleaning, also known as chemical overhaul, is one of the most critical components of air conditioning maintenance. The seller always advises the buyer on how often they should perform a chemical cleaning on the air conditioner when they are purchasing it from them.

When compared to living in a hot area, residing near a body of water such as the sea might cause your air conditioner to accumulate salt and grit, which can cause it to malfunction. Cleaning the air conditioner with chemical cleaners is always recommended for air conditioner owners, regardless of how frequently they use the unit.

A chemical cleaning procedure entails dismantling the air conditioner and inspecting each component to see if there are any issues, after which the air conditioner is cleaned with chemicals. Cleaning your air conditioner with chemicals will keep its efficiency at 95 per cent for the year. Different air conditioning technicians may have varying opinions when it comes to how often to clean your air conditioner. Chemical cleaning of air conditioning systems is recommended every six months by some, while others suggest it every one month by others. Before performing an air conditioning chemical cleaning, it is essential to consider the following factors:


If it cannot produce cold air

It will be impossible for the air conditioner to produce cold air if there is an accumulation of ice in the condenser. The condenser and the fan coil are the two main sections of an air conditioner. If these two components are clogged, the air conditioner will produce warm air, necessitating chemical cleaning to ensure that it operates properly.


Where there is a leak in the air conditioner

This always occurs when there is a backflow due to a clogged drainage pipe, and in this case, chemical cleaning will be required in order to stop the leakage from continuing.


When there is a bad smell coming from the air conditioner

In this case, bacteria have accumulated in the fan coil, and it is necessary to perform chemical cleaning on the unit.



First, remove the fan coil from the wall and clean it with the chemical, followed by rinsing it well with clean water to complete the process. Consequently, corrosion on the coil, which can be caused by the chemical, is less likely to occurto. First, lubricate the fan bearings, clean the internal air filter with chemicals, and flush the drainage pipes with chemicals. You should always check the pressure to make sure everything is working correctly.

Reasons why we should do chemical cleaning on the air conditioners

  • Reduction in the level of noise.
  • Leakage from the aircon stops.
  • There will be a reduction in the amount of electricity used.
  • Controls and thermostats will be inspected for proper operation and condition.
  • The air conditioner’s noxious odour will no longer be present.
  • A severe breakdown, which could result in costly repairs, maintenance, and replacement, is prevented.
  • Maintenance of the air conditioner’s overall efficiency.


Chemical cleaning is recommended for air conditioner parts that have not been cleaned in a long time or for those not helped by routine air conditioner maintenance. Chemical cleaning, according to experts from DW aircon servicing company Singapore, varies from person to person depending on how frequently one uses the air conditioner and where one lives. For example, those who live near the sea will be required to do chemical cleaning every month, while those who live further away may be able to go up to one year without chemical cleaning.


How Often Does Your Aircon Unit Need Chemical Wash?

Once a year, maintenance on newly installed units is typically highly recommended. However, depending on the condition of the unit, it could take twice as long or longer. It is almost certain that units that have not been used in a long time will require chemical cleaning to be functional once again.


Advantages of Regular Aircon Chemical Servicing

Many benefits can be gained from timely air conditioning, chemical servicing or even routine maintenance. To begin, notice how much faster your air conditioning can cool the room. There will also be a reduction in the amount of electricity consumed. It is also possible to reduce water leakage. It will also be less necessary to perform frequent air conditioning repairs, and the life of your air conditioning unit will be extended.

Maintaining your unit yourself is possible, and you should clean the filter and the outer panel of your unit at least once every two weeks. If your air conditioning unit begins to exhibit signs of malfunction, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a professional air conditioning chemical servicing company right away!