Yes, an annual chemical wash of the air conditioner is required to keep it in proper operating order, especially in tropical climates where the temperature is likely to be extremely high. In such environments, air conditioners are essential for keeping a comfortable temperature in homes, offices, and various other settings. As a result, they must be maintained in the same manner as all other products that you use daily.

If you want your air conditioner to serve you well for a long time, it is also vital to regularly maintain it. Chemical cleaning of the air conditioning system enables it to operate in various weather conditions, regardless of its design. As a result, chemical overhauling might be considered the most critical part of air conditioning maintenance. Every year, the efficiency of any air conditioner decreases by at least 5%. Therefore, it is vital to clean it with chemicals once a year in order to keep it operating correctly. Furthermore, while purchasing an air conditioner, the vendors will advise you on how often to clean it to continue to work efficiently for a long time.


Is annual cleaning of aircon enough?

Because of the high temperature and humidity in tropical climates, it is vital to perform an annual chemical overhaul on your air conditioner. If you live near the sea, the reason for this is that your air conditioning system suckers in dust and grit. For this reason, to maintain your air conditioner safe from the chemical reactions caused by sea salt and grit, you need to give it a chemical wash at least once a year, depending on how often you use it.


How to clean the aircon with chemicals?

Prior to utilising any chemicals to clean your air conditioner, you will need to remove all of its components and properly inspect them to see whether or not they have any problems. The frequency with which you clean your air conditioner is determined by how often you use it. The majority of specialists recommend that you clean your air conditioner at least once every six months if not once a month. However, by performing a chemical wash on your air conditioner once a year, you can ensure that it operates at peak efficiency.


When should you use a chemical to clean your unit?

There are several circumstances in which you should give your air conditioner a chemical wash even if you are not following your regular cleaning routine. The following are examples of such conditions:

When it is not producing cold air:

Your air conditioner’s condenser, one of the two portions responsible for creating cold air, may become clogged with ice, causing it to stop producing cold air. Your condenser is divided into two sections: a condenser and a fan coil, both of which may be clogged and unable to create cold air. You will have to wash each of these portions with chemical solutions in order to optimise their functionality.

When your air conditioning system is leaking:

When the drainage line backs up owing to a blockage, your air conditioner begins to leak. This obstruction can be eliminated with the use of a chemical wash, which will ultimately cease the leakage of the fluid.

When a foul odour emanates from the air conditioner:

Your air conditioner begins to emit a foul odour as a result of the accumulation of bacteria in its fan coil. This issue can be resolved by simply cleaning the fan coil with a chemical solution.


What is the best way to chemically clean your air conditioner?

Before doing a chemical wash on your air conditioner, you should first remove the fan coil from the unit’s wall. To prevent corrosion of the coil in the future due to chemical reaction, it should be cleaned with an appropriate chemical as advised by the experts and then rinsed with clean water to eliminate any remaining chemical.

After that, you should clean the blower wheel and fan blades of your air conditioner with the recommended chemical. After cleaning the fan, it is recommended that you lubricate its bearings in order to increase its performance.

Following that, you should clean the internal air filter and chemically flush the drainage pipes of your air conditioner. In order to maintain optimal operation of the condenser, it is recommended that you check its pressure once it has been cleaned.


Effects of chemical cleaning of your aircon

When your air conditioner becomes noisy, you need to chemically clean it to minimise the noise level. Chemical cleaning of the air conditioner also aids in the prevention of leaking caused by a clog in the drainage system. After chemical cleaning, the working of your air conditioner becomes less complicated, which can ultimately lower the cost of its operation by reducing the energy consumption bill. It has the ability to eradicate unpleasant odours from your air conditioning system.

While your air conditioner is being cleaned with a chemical, the operation of its controls and thermostats is being tested automatically. It also contributes to lower repair, maintenance, and replacement costs for your air conditioning system by minimising the likelihood of significant malfunctions shortly. The total efficiency of the air conditioner is improved as a result of chemical cleaning.


When is it necessary to clean the air conditioning system using chemicals?

Chemical cleaning of various sections of an air conditioner is typically recommended when they have not been cleaned in a lengthy period of time or when they are not functioning properly even after receiving regular maintenance. As a result, some consumers clean their air conditioners with chemicals more regularly than the professionals recommend.

When your air conditioner is experiencing problems such as a lack of cold air release, a wretched smell, or leakage, people clean it regularly using chemicals, taking into consideration aspects such as location and frequency of use.

If you live near the sea, you will need to clean your air conditioner on a monthly basis instead of folks who live far away from the water. People who live far away from the sea should clean their air conditioning system once or twice a year.

As a result, after reading the information presented in this article regarding the frequency of chemical cleaning of your air conditioner, it is easy to infer that there is no hard and fast rule in this respect. The frequency with which the air conditioner should be cleaned is mainly determined by the conditions and situations under which it operates. If you want to maintain the performance of your air conditioner for an extended period of time, you will need to clean it with chemicals. You can speak with air conditioning experts to learn about the suggested chemicals to use while cleaning an air conditioner correctly.