We always prefer to have many choices and options in our life before we make any decisions. But sometimes these options might not sound appealing when you don’t have enough knowledge about that particular thing. Various cleaning options of air conditioners might be one of those instances. But don’t stress out yet since all the information you need to answer this question is right here!

What is air conditioner steam cleaning?

While we progress and reach new levels in life everyday, the pollution also keeps up with us. Even our houses aren’t spared anymore. The dust and dirt carried with the atmosphere is always surrounding us and also the appliances in our houses. Not only it affects our health but it also affects our electronic appliances working too. We often find dirt and dust accumulated in corners or parts of any machines we might not use everyday or can’t be reached easily. Air conditioner is one of those appliances. Air conditioners have several parts which can be affected due to this. Even the smallest fan is useful in an air conditioner and the whole unit might stop if it stops.

Finding solutions to our problems is the way of life. So when stubborn dirt in unreachable corners of an air conditioner was the issue several cleaning ways were invented as the solution. Regular servicing, chemical cleaning, combination cleaning, steam cleaning, etc are some of the few ways available these days. But what exactly is steam cleaning? High pressure steam is exposed directly into the air conditioner in order to clean and clear the build up of dust and dirt particles in it. The steam is released through jets with a good amount of force. This makes sure that every nook and cranny is covered and cleaned by the steam.

Is steam cleaning good for air conditioners?

More information is always preferable over just blindly choosing any option. Here are some benefits of steam cleaning which are noted ever since the technique was applied for cleaning air conditioners:-

  • End of bacteria: Air conditioners tend to collect lots of bacteria, bugs, microorganisms, etc due to it’s damp working mechanism. When steam cleaning is used the bacteria is wiped out from every single place and corner of the air conditioner. This includes the unreachable and closed off parts as well.
  • No chemicals: There might be a chance of damaging incidents when you use chemicals for air conditioner treatment. There can be quite some residue left behind after using chemicals. The pungent smell of chemicals can also keep lingering in your house after the cleaning. With steam cleaning you don’t have to worry about any of these problems!
  • Eco-friendly: The steam cleaning comprises only water and some electricity which is used for the conversion of water into steam. Chemicals are harmful for nature and as well as your family if it’s circulated by mistake in your home’s atmosphere. This can be avoided with steam cleaning
  • Improved air quality: The combination of bacteria and damp places isn’t too good. It might end up with more and more foul odour every day. Steam cleaning is exceptionally good at getting rid of the bacteria so there is no scope of any foul smells. Even the residual smell of chemicals would be absent since only water is used.
  • Pocket friendly: How much the expense of water and electricity would be? You don’t have to pay for over the top, aggressive chemical cleaners for steam cleaning. Steam cleaning can cover and clean more surfaces compared to other cleaning as well.
  • Efficient: You don’t have to deal with any aftermath with steam cleaning. It doesn’t need any separate process to dry out the air conditioner. Room temperature is enough to dry it in a few mins. You don’t have to worry about thin sheets of chemical residue either!


It’s easier to come to a conclusion now, isn’t it? Steam cleaning is indeed good for your air conditioners. If you use your air conditioner regularly then a steam cleaning every 5-6 months is enough to keep the health of your aircon perfectly fine. Don’t hesitate and get these benefits packed service available for yourself soon!