Maintaining and servicing your air conditioner regularly will guarantee that it performs at its best and is as reliable as possible. It is more effective to use an air conditioner that has been adequately maintained, and it will last longer overall, saving you both time and money. Services in air conditioning include anything from developing and supplying air conditioning systems to installing and maintaining them in commercial and residential buildings. To avoid health risks, keep the air clean, and avoid serious breakdowns, it is necessary to keep your air conditioner in peak operating condition. To get the problem resolved quickly and efficiently, you recommend using a reputable Aircon service provider.


Detailed Description of What Aircon Servicing includes.


Every hour, a vast amount of air is pumped through the system. Dust collection, moisture, and other particles block the vital components of the air conditioning system and cause it to malfunction.

Evaporator – The evaporator is the most essential component of the indoor unit. It cools the air by blowing it over evaporator coils that have been chilled. During an air conditioning service, the evaporator coil is cleaned with warm water to remove any debris. If the air conditioner smells, it is possible that mould has grown near the coil. Bacterial and mould development are removed with the help of chemical remedies. Coil cleaners make it easier to remove debris from coils.

Condenser – This is the unit that is located outside (also called a compressor). Its coil is responsible for heat exchange with the surrounding environment. The coil can become clogged, rendering the system ineffective. Using pressured water and a coil cleaning solution, this coil is thoroughly cleaned.

Filters- Several filters may be installed in your air conditioning system to remove tiny particles from the air. During the servicing, these filters are removed and thoroughly cleaned. These filters are updated on an as-needed basis if they become clogged.

Drain pan and pipe – The drain pipe is flushed to remove any dirt or debris that has become lodged in it. The drain pan has been thoroughly cleaned. To remove germs and other impurities, chemicals may be utilised.



While air conditioning cleaning is vital to maintain the unit operating correctly, other inspections must be performed to guarantee that the machine is in proper working order. Professional air conditioning service technicians have an acute sense of sight, and they can discover problems just by looking.

The pressure of the refrigerant – Air conditioners operate by circulating refrigerant gas through pipes and coils. A sufficient amount of pressure is required for the unit to work efficiently. If the refrigerant pressure in your system falls below a certain level during service, you may be forced to have your system “recharged.” This includes pumping refrigerant into the system until the required pressure is attained.

Leaks- Because the condenser coil, compressor, pipe, and evaporator are all part of a closed system that contains pressurised refrigerant, leaks might occur. Even a tiny leak has the potential to allow refrigerant to escape. It is the technicians’ responsibility to inspect this closed-loop system for leakage.

Check the power consumption – If an air conditioning unit is drawing more power than it is rated for, the compressor may be having problems. The measurement of power usage serves as a preventative measure to avoid compressor failure. Increased power consumption is caused by a lack of refrigerant pressure or a compressor not operating at peak performance levels. It may also cause a circuit breaker to trip or a fuse to blow.

Checking the cooling rate and temperature after service- Following service, technicians frequently check the unit’s temperature, flow rate, and cooling rate. After having your air conditioner serviced, you will instantly notice a difference in the temperature of the air and the amount of time it takes for the surrounding area to cool down. The efficiency and efficacy of the units inevitably diminish as they grow older.

Visual Inspection: There are some visual indicators to keep an eye out for. There could be an alignment issue with the outdoor unit, or the compressor could be malfunctioning if it vibrates. There could be a problem with the compressor or the refrigerant if the air conditioner makes a hissing or clicking noises while running. A continuous rumbling noise while the machine is operating is also a warning indicator that it should be inspected.


Why should you have your air conditioning service regularly?

Air conditioners are complicated systems. Every year that they are not serviced, they lose 5 per cent the essential of their efficiency. If you do not service your air conditioning system, it will wear out more quickly and consume more electricity. Preventing premature failure is accomplished by regular maintenance. If you get your air conditioning system serviced by specialists, you might save thousands of dollars in replacement components and labour costs.

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