Air conditioners have become more of a need than a pleasure as the temperature continues to rise. Air conditioners are excellent as long as they give us the impression that there is no heat at all. However, just like any other equipment, air conditioners require regular maintenance and repair. Instead of waiting for a serious problem to occur before seeking repair, it is preferable to have your air conditioning system maintained regularly. This will not only save you money, but it will also extend the life of your air conditioning system.

Although regular service is recommended, your air conditioner may be far dirtier and may have a significant amount of debris built in its coils and condenser. That is when you will require more than routine air conditioning servicing. What exactly is it? There is something known as a Chemical Wash for your air conditioner that will take rid of all the garbage and material accumulated within your air conditioner.


What is Aircon Chemical Wash?

Over time, dirt, debris, and garbage will collect in the various parts of your air conditioner, and routine service will not be able to remove all of it. Because of the accumulation of garbage, filth, and debris, your air conditioner is susceptible to clogs and blockages, which will adversely impair the unit’s cooling capacity. Unfortunately, these jams and obstructions are not always treated seriously. This might result in your Air Conditioning system failing to owe to a significant accumulation of dirt.

Particularly in a city like Singapore, where the weather is not only high but also humid, your air conditioner may have mold, mildew, and bacteria developing in its various components. This is detrimental not just to your air conditioning system but also to you. How? Because these germs and mold may enter your home through your air conditioners, which circulate from the air conditioner to the room. This is especially hazardous to those who already suffer from respiratory disorders or breathing difficulties. It may have an impact on children and the elderly as well.

This is when the use of a chemical wash comes into play. A chemical wash isn’t something you’d expect to see regularly. A more intensive cleaning method will cause all dirt, debris, mold to be washed away, germs, and mold. A chemical cleaning will ensure that your air conditioner is completely clean from the inside out and extends the life of the equipment. If you believe that you can do a DIY Chemical Wash, you are mistaken. You will undoubtedly want expert assistance to ensure that your air conditioner is restored to its original condition. It is at this point that we come in. We make sure that your air conditioning is as clean as possible so that you never have to sweat in the heat again!


When does your aircon need a chemical wash?

The following are examples of when your air conditioner will signal to you that it needs a chemical wash:

  • When your air conditioner takes far longer than average to cool down an area that used to require significantly less time previously.
  • There is excessive noise coming from your air conditioning unit, whether it is turned on for a few minutes or for an hour.
  • When the air conditioning is turned on, it emits a strong odour.
  • If you see any sort of water leaking from the air conditioning system, it is time to do a chemical wash.
  • If you notice an unexpected increase in your power costs.


The Advantages of a Chemical Wash

A chemical wash for an air conditioner may be quite useful because it is one of the most reliable methods of thoroughly cleaning the air conditioner. Singapore is a hot location, and as a result, your air conditioning system need extra care and maintenance. Here are a few advantages of using air conditioners:

  • It thoroughly cleans the air filter

Air filters are a critical component of any air conditioning system. It is in charge of the quality of the air that comes out of the air conditioner. If there is dirt and debris accumulating around this portion, it will have an effect on the air that comes out of the air conditioner. The poor quality of the air will make your evenings unpleasant, therefore it is critical that your air conditioner be given a chemical cleaning. This will fully drain the dirt and particles out of the air conditioner, resulting in cool air and a stress-free night’s sleep.

  • Unblocks Condenser

The purpose of a condenser is to regulate the temperature within a room by drawing in heat and releasing cold air into the room or any space around it. As a result, the only way your condenser may cease performing its functions is if there is dirt and debris in the condenser, which causes internal obstructions in the condenser. However, by having a chemical wash performed, your condenser may be cleared of these obstructions and restored to full operation.

  • Keep the condenser from freezing.

The air filter becomes clogged with dust and debris, the fans become ineffective, or the air ducts get obstructed. If the condenser freezes, it has the potential to cause significant damage across the system. The most effective method of preventing freezing in the condenser is to thoroughly clean it, which can only be accomplished with the use of a chemical wash.

  • Keeps leaks at bay

When dirt, debris, and corrosive chemicals accumulate near the refrigerator tubes in the air conditioner, it is possible that a leak may occur. In order to avoid this, it is important to perform a thorough cleaning operation on the refrigerator tubes to ensure that no dirt or debris has collected on them. This will ensure that your air conditioning system is clear of leaks at all times.

  • Reduces cost

As a result of inefficient and ineffective operation of your air conditioning system, the energy cost is likely to rise, resulting in increased power bills. Once the chemical cleaning is completed, the air conditioner will be restored to full functionality, and you will no longer be concerned about rising power expenses.

  • Increases work capacity of components.

A chemical cleaning will ensure that all of the components of the air conditioner are in proper working order. It will ensure that all of the components are clean and free of debris, therefore restoring the performance of the air conditioning system.

We are certain that you have grasped the significance of a chemical wash now that you are aware of all of its advantages. Call us now to schedule your chemical wash appointment!