All electrical appliances have a different life expectancy based on how they are used and how well they are maintained. Similar to that, air conditioning devices must be serviced regularly to maintain their performance. Air conditioning steam cleaning is a sophisticated process that uses high-pressure steam jets to eject dirt from congested areas, steaming hard-to-reach crevices, and sterilising surfaces, among other things. Because of its ecologically benign nature, steam cleaning is often preferred over other chemical cleaning methods by those who are environmentally sensitive.


The Advantages of Steam Cleaning

Environment friendly:

Cleaning with steam is environmentally beneficial because just water and energy are required to clean with steam. Therefore, there are no potentially dangerous substances employed in any way. Furthermore, because it does not require a considerable amount of water to generate appropriate amounts of steam for cleaning large surfaces, this type of service is exceptionally environmentally friendly.

Chemical-free cleaning:

The use of non-abrasive steam cleaning eliminates the possibility of damage to your air conditioning devices due to chemical contamination. When chemicals are utilised, which is highly unusual, it is possible that corrosion could occur in the coil of your air conditioning unit or that damage will occur to the aluminium fins. In addition, steam cleaning is a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical washing because it uses no chemicals at all.

Kills 99% of bacteria:

Cleaning the air conditioning unit using high-pressured steam ensures that every nook and cranny is cleaned, eliminating 99.9 per cent of all germs, bugs, and other micro-organisms that may have become trapped inside. Additionally, the hot steam vapours function as a softener for any grease that may otherwise bond dirt or debris to the evaporator coils, allowing them to be easily removed later.

Better indoor air:

Cleaning your air conditioner’s coils with steam has also been shown to effectively reduce bad scents in your air conditioner by eradicating bacteria that have accumulated in them. In addition, your air conditioner’s airflow rate will also improve as a result of frequent planned steam cleaning, resulting in improved performance and improved air quality.

Dries quicker:

Because of the residual heat, the condensation formed during the steam cleaning process evaporates more quickly, resulting in a significant reduction in drying time and an increase in overall efficiency. Furthermore, it does not leave any chemicals or residue behind after use.


How often should you steam clean your aircon?

The appropriate frequency would vary depending on how frequently you used it. For example, if you have a standard air conditioner that runs approximately 8 hours per day, we recommend steam cleaning it once every six months. It is recommended that you hire a professional air conditioning technician familiar with steam cleaning and who will use the required protective equipment to complete the task to avoid any potential harm to the unit’s more delicate equipment.

Steam cleaning is a rapid and non-abrasive method of giving your air conditioning system a thorough cleaning and sanitization. It dislodges debris, exterminates insects, and eliminates 99.999% of all microorganisms. One of the most beneficial aspects of steam cleaning is that it allows you to clean your air conditioner without causing harm to the environment. If you are an environmentally conscious individual who has not yet experienced the benefits of steam cleaning, you should do so immediately. You will be amazed at what this modern, sophisticated cleaning technique can accomplish with the power of heat, pressure, and water.


Why is professional help necessary?

One thing to bear in mind is that the high pressure of the steam might damage the air conditioner coils by producing an excessive amount of pressure build-up, resulting in the tube or the ring bursting due to weak areas. The likelihood of this occurring increases even more remarkable when the cleaning is performed by someone who is not a professional. Consequently, when performing a high-pressure steam cleaning method on an air conditioner, it is always essential to seek the assistance of experienced technicians. These expert services have a lot of tools at their disposal. These professionals employ the proper tools and coil-specific cleansers to complete the task efficiently and successfully. They are also aware of the precise pressure required for the operation at hand and administer it to prevent any coil damage from occurring.
Aircon steam cleaning is a great technique that is beneficial to our environment; nevertheless, it is not the most effective method for removing stains when it comes to air conditioning systems. The use of a chemical wash is preferable for stain removal. Because of this, to achieve the most effective results, air conditioning steam cleaning can be used in conjunction with air conditioning chemical wash rather than replacing chemical-free steam cleaning entirely. While chemicals are the most effective method of removing stains and blemishes, high-pressure steam is the most effective disinfecting air conditioner. As a result, when both cleaning procedures are performed in conjunction, the cleaning impact is maximised.