Aircon Not Cold

Aircon Not Cold

Your aircon is not cold enough even after maintenance? As individuals living in Singapore have experienced the hottest and moist climate, a great working aircon system is vital to beat the heat of Singapore. Different fashionable aircon can be used for eras, but, even the most-flourished aircon sometimes do not give adequate cool air to make you and your family comfortable and relax. Aircon units that give warm air are not accepted, though, this is not a serious issue. Sometimes, even if the aircon is well repaired, it produces warm air. However there is no need to worry, Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore is all set to assist you.


What is meant by Aircon not cold?

First we have to describe Aircon not cold. For a lot of individuals, Aircon not cold would merely mean the aircon is not giving cold air as before. On the other hand for aircon specialists, aircon not cold and air not blowing well from the Aircon are the distinct problems. If your Aircon is not cold, it merely means that cold air is not crossing your evaporator loop. Though, if air is not blowing out well from your Aircon, it merely means that your loop is blocked.


Key Reasons Why your Aircon not cold?

Generally, here are these reasons:

  1. Air filter is blocking
  2. A filthy condenser loop
  3. A broken compressor
  4. A Damaged Thermostat
  5. A small size aircon


Air filter is blocking

All aircon have an air filter which people can see from outside. It clasps the elements that comes with the air emerging of the aircon. This part gets blocked as it acts like a trap for dirt, pollen, and additional elements in the air. An air filter can disturb the movement of air out of the aircon if it gets blocked. A lot of air filters, though, can be removed by hand. You can clean the filter yourself by washing with water. Just make sure to dry it before you putting it back into the aircon

Filthy Condenser Loops

Blockage in a condenser loop is ordinary particularly for an aircon that works for long time in a day. Wreckages can get trapped in its ducts and loops which can make it less effective in intensifying.

Dust in the loops makes it tougher for it to cool the air crossing it.

The build-up of wreckages will ultimately stop the aircon from reaching the anticipated temperature in the area it is cooling. At all times keep your condenser loops clean with the help of aircon servicing professional to avoid high temperature and damaging your aircon system.

A Broken Compressor

The huge motor you listen to in your aircon is most possibly the compressor which is the component responsible for condensing air to give cold air. An aircon that is not giving cold air might have a broken compressor. When the motor is damaged, the coolant and refrigerants will not circulate in the unit which keeps it from crossing the condenser loops and evaporating unit. Essentially, a damaged compressor means a damaged cooling cycle. A lot of the repair jobs would need the whole replacement of the compressor that is best to avoid letting your compressor to collapse.

A Damaged Thermostat

Your Aircon’s thermostat is the device responsible for controlling the room temperature in the area it is cooling. It gives signals to start or stop till the anticipated temperature is reached. If it is damaged the aircon will not know if the cooling procedure if effective.

A small size aircon

Sometimes having a smaller size aircon unit is the real issue, not a faulty component. Numerous homeowners come across this issue as they just buy an aircon for their homes without checking its power and size to make the room cool. A specialized aircon servicing specialist will be able to decide the correct aircon size for your room upon review. He/she will similarly be able to do repairs on faulty aircon components that are affecting your aircon not to cool your area efficiently.


Avoid cooling issues with Regular Aircon Maintenance

For people who use their aircon regularly, a good precautionary measure to avoid having cooling issues is to make sure regular aircon maintenance is done at consistent breaks. Having a trustworthy aircon service firm is important as they will check and update you when your aircon is in line for maintenance. Aircon Companies claim that aircon can work fine over an extended period thus here are few ways to support make it last.

  • Make sure episodic maintenance of the aircon, if possible at least one time a year.
  • Examine your aircon at least one time a month to see if it is working fine.

You can take the steps stated to try and troubleshoot the issue. If you are not easy with doing them yourself, at all times take help from an expert service provider. If you are viewing for a service provider to fix all your aircon issues, then we extremely suggest you contact Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore. We offer an extensive variety of aircon services at affordable costs. Thus, in case you have any aircon problems, kindly get in touch with us at once.

Why choose Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore?

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