Aircon Steam Wash

Aircon Steam Wash

The aircon is one of the electrical devices whose appropriate working depends on how neat and clean it is from inside. The razorblades of the fan, as well as the coils, frequently get blocked with dirt elements and become housing for microorganisms. Furthermore, nonstop use of the aircon can bring about a moist odor in the aircon. Frequently that needs distinctive services. To do the service, Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore is available. Though, Aircon Steam cleaning is most popular among the other cleaning; the reason being its likely tactic towards cleaning.


What is Aircon Steam Cleaning?

All electrical items have a different life expectancy depending on its use and how good it has been kept. Likewise, aircon units should be serviced frequently to improve their functioning. Aircon steam wash is a progressive method that uses jets of great-pressured steam to remove dirt from blocked areas. Because of its eco-friendly nature, numerous environmentally conscious people prefer steam wash over additional chemical methods. If you need a steam cleaning service then Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore is here to assist you. We are a team of specialists and similarly reliable contractors for numerous foremost Aircon brands in Singapore. Our promise to our clients is to provide the finest service, therefore, our clients never have to be worried about their aircon collapses as our servicing is supported with a warranty. With one of the affordable costs in Singapore, we are poised that our quality of work is as worthy as our cost.


Advantages of Steam wash

  • Free from chemicals: 

You can be certain that this non-harsh steam wash procedure has no risk of destruction to your aircon. When chemicals are used, however infrequent, there might be rust in the loop of your aircon or destruction on the aluminum paddles. As there are no chemicals, the steam wash is a more reasonable and mild substitute to chemical washing.

  • Eco-friendly: 

Water and electricity are the mere ingredients needed in this cleaning procedure. There are no damaging chemicals involved in this process. Also, it does not use a huge quantity of water to make an adequate amount of steam for cleaning big areas, which makes this servicing so eco-friendly.

  • Kills germs: 

The extreme-pressured steam allows the cleaning to cover every single stick and hole of the aircon, successfully killing 99.9% of germs, microbes, and additional micro-organisms stuck in the aircon. The hot steam fumes similarly act as a softener for any lubricant that might fix filth or wreckage onto the evaporator loops, which can then be effortlessly removed.

  • Dries faster: 

The compression created in the procedure of steam wash vanishes faster due to remaining heat, efficiently dropping drying time plus maximizing effectiveness. It correspondingly does not leave any chemicals or excess behind.

  • Healthier air: 

Steam wash has correspondingly been demonstrated to be effective in battling nasty smells in your aircon by removing germs that live in the coils. With a consistent arranged steam wash, your Aircon’s degree of airflow will likewise be recover, resulting in improved performance and healthier air quality.


Why Pick Steam wash?

Steam wash is superior to regular aircon servicing because the heat and extreme pressure of steam can take out and extract any dogged dust and filth caught in between loop paddles and fan blower which cannot be eradicated smoothly through regular servicing. Regular Servicing does not every time effectively remove bad odor produced by microorganisms that live in the aircon. After steam wash, you can relish the good quality air. Steam wash is a harmless choice as it does not include harmful chemicals.

How frequently should this cleaning technique be performed?

That essentially depends on the use of the aircon. Usually, one-time cleaning every 2 years is sufficient for a regular home. For a greater quantity of use, the gap between the two cleaning periods must also lessen. In such a circumstance, cleaning the aircon one time every year is good. A failure in the cooling effect of the aircon might also be another sign that it needs cleaning.

Why is expert help essential?

One significant point to remember is that the extreme pressure of the steam can harm the aircon loops by causing excessive pressure build-up that may lead to the pipe or the loop erupting because of the existence of any weak part. The hazard of this rises more when the cleaning is performed by a non-expert. Thus, it is at all times sensible to take the assistance of professional services while choosing this cleaning procedure of the aircon. These expert services are well fortified. They use the correct equipment and distinct cleaners for loops and do the task efficiently and rapidly. They are correspondingly aware of the precise pressure compulsory for the job to be completed and use the same so that avoids any coil destruction.

Though Aircon Steam wash is a progressive method and a vigorous step for the advantage of our environment, it is not the utter best alternative when it comes to the exclusion of blemishes. Blemish removal is well done using a chemical wash. Thus, to get the best operative outcome, the Aircon steam wash can be used corresponding to the aircon chemical wash instead of substituting with chemical-free steam clean. Whereas chemicals work fine to remove blemishes and marks, extreme pressure of steam works phenomena in sterilizing the aircon. Therefore both approaches of cleaning give the finest cleaning result when used together.


Why choose Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore?

Marvellous Aircon Servicing Singapore has numerous years of experience in this industry, we are a more consistent and reliable firm for Aircon servicing, installation as well as aircon maintenance. We use the latest and up-to-date tools and equipment. We have skillfully trained and technical employees that are always here to help you. Feel free to arrange an appointment with us for your aircon need. Just give us a call at Office: 6428 6288 or Whatsapp: +65 9094 9039 or you can send us an email at Our staff will be more than happy to assist you and guide you.