Fancoil Chemical Wash in Yishun

The procedure of Aircon chemical wash takes in the cleaning and examination of inner parts. Initially, we take away the aircon cover and disassemble the system. We then continue to wash the Aircon strainer with water and chemical solutions. After that, we use the high-pressure jet to wash inside the evaporator coil, drainage plate, front sheet, and cover. We then use Chemical-based solutions to take away filth, oil, and dirt from the parts of the fan coil. The procedure of an Air Conditioner chemical wash is similar to that for regular cleaning. First, we take off the cover and remove any dirt from inside with a vacuum cleaner or brush before washing all parts in solution using high-pressure jets on our machine; this includes evaporator coils as well! The chemical solutions similarly have ingredients that destroy and constrain the additional growth of molds and destructive bacteria. We will similarly clean the drainage pan and drainage system through vacuuming. Furthermore, we check on numerous functions. We as well tighten up electrical contacts if essential. As soon as we are done cleaning all the parts, we fix back the whole system.